The Hive Cafe is committed to not only being a student-run sustainable coffee co-op, but also a vibrant space that students can use to organize, have events, and be a space for radical change. The spaces are free for students, however an event supervisor fee is applicable — please contact us if you are interested in hosting your event in the space! External groups can also rent the space.

In order to book the Hive Space you will be required to fill out the Loyola or Mezz Booking Request Form and provide the Event Coordinator with a $50 deposit to secure your event date, a full ten (10) business days prior to your event.

For an event where food is involved and not provided by a University approved caterer (the Hive is an approved caterer), please complete and return the Food Waiver along with the Booking Request Form to the Hive Event Coordinator. Your application must be received at least twenty-five (25) business days prior to your event.
For more information as to what applies to your event, please visit this link.
If you would like to cater from the Hive Cafe Co-op please visit this link to see our menu and process your order.

For an event where alcohol is served, fill out and submit the Loyola or Mezz Booking Request Form along with a an Alcohol Waiver Form at least twenty-five (25) business days prior to your event, certain event types and event dates now require that applications for Reunion Permits must be received by RACJ thirty (30) days prior to the event. You, or your group, are responsible for applying for the alcohol permit (the cost is $42.50). If alcohol is served event analysis may request that you need security for the event and they will provide a quote. To serve alcohol you will need to provide SIP certified servers for the event. You can access info on how to get certified or get servers to serve at the event through the dean of students office.
For more information as to what applies to your event visit this link.

Please complete the applicable forms and submit them to





The Hive Cafe is located on the beautiful Loyola campus of Concordia University, filled with historic buildings and lush, green lawns. The Cafe is situated in a central building on the grounds with the historic Loyola chapel located directly across from it and the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in the same building. Both the Oscar Peterson Hall and the Concordia Library are directly attached to the Cafe and can be accessed through a comfortable passage (avoiding the elements, if necessary).
The room itself draws plenty of natural light through the floor-to-ceiling windows which make up the majority of walls throughout the event space. The space comes fully equipped with a large kitchen boasting a 10 burner range and plenty of prep space; a sound system with 7 speaker surround-sound; plenty of lighting options; and two full bars with reach-in fridges and additional walk-in fridge space near the kitchen. The space is able to comfortably hold up to 339 people, perfect for large, special occasion events.

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Our downtown (SGW / Mezz) Hive Café space is located at the heart of the Concordia University campus on the second floor of the Henry Hall building. The space features a contemporary, fresh atmosphere with clean lines, adjustable lighting, and a modern aesthetic combined a warmth from our gallery space by spotlighting local and student art. The space also has access to the terrace, manages by the Dean of Students) . The capacity of the space can comfortably manage one hundred and twenty (120) people standing, and roughly sixty (60) seated depending on the layout of tables used.

*This space is wheelchair accessible and has three (3) gender neutral washrooms.

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