Hive Cafe Finance & Admin Coordinator

Job Description:
The administrative coordinator will work closely with the coordinator team, worker members, and the board of directors to help ensure the smooth operation of the Hive Cafe Co-op. They are expected to be present at each cafe location on a regular basis. Their time will be spent between core tasks and special projects. Core tasks will take place on a regular basis and are essential to support other workers in the co-­op. They will also be the lead for a number of projects throughout their term designed to address specific organizational needs that will improve communication, efficiency, and the overall success of the organization. Subsequent projects to be undertaken will be decided upon by the coordinators and worker members, collectively. 


Developing procedures/policy in collaboration with committee members
Ensure organizational documentation is up to date and organized
Coordinating bi-monthly coordinator meetings
Liaising with the board of directors – including supporting the President/Secretary in organizing Board logistics such as calling of Board of Directors meetings
Attend meeting of the board of directors to present information and represent coordinator concerns
Sit on the Executive Committee to facilitate pressing decisions in between Board meetings
Chairing all meetings of the Finance Committee – including the production of regular, accurate financial statements and calling of regular meetings
Act as secretary for the Human Resources Committee – including calling meetings, creating agendas and maintaining appropriate records.
Support all Coordinators when possible 
Work collaboratively with General Coordinator to ensure the smooth functioning of both the Mezz and Loyola Cafes – including inventory, stocking, and deposits, as well as worker member support and coordination, as needed
Maintain a presence on the floor of the cafes to support worker-members as needed
Maintain organizational calendar including government remittances and other filings (TPS/TVQ, CSST declarations, payroll remittances, etc).
Ensure organization information systems are functional 
Maintain an accurate membership database
Ensure organization complies with cooperative law and any other necessary government regulations

Procure and organize relevant documentation for the accounting system
Accounting bookkeeping and data entry of accounts payable and receivable
Prepare payments for suppliers
Coordinate accounts receivable, including creation of invoices, communication with clients, and financial tracking
Maintaining of organized and accurate accounting records
Account reconciliations and preparation of regular financial reports 
Oversee year­-end review/audit 
Liaise with suppliers
Oversee organization’s cash flow
Provide and make accessible financial information to other worker/user members
Ensure appropriate financial training within the organization
Prepare weekly deposits from sales
Provide financial evaluation of proposed projects and organizational changes
Budget development
Grant research and writing as necessary
Remit quarterly tax payments
Submit monthly MEV reports
Ensure all annual fees, including certifications and income taxes, are paid and up to date
Abide by Financial Policies

Human Resources
Coordinate payroll, including production of ROE, T4 and RL1 slips
Oversee contracts/reviews 
Ensure human resource regulatory compliance

A love of food, a passion for food sovereignty, and a firm belief in the importance of sustainability
Excellent interpersonal skills; communication and listening skills
2 years of related experience in bookkeeping/accounting
Experience with money management and budgeting
Experience with payroll processing and government filings, such as TPS/TVQ reporting and MEV submission
Familiarity with the cooperative business model.
Ability to function in a horizontal environment.
Ability to balance effective leadership skills with power-sharing abilities in a communal decision-making cooperative structure and empower all workers.
Strong organization skills, attention to detail, ability to prioritize workload, and multitasking
Financial competence including a clear understanding of margins, pricing and inventory management/controls techniques
Ethical conduct and responsibility — sets a positive example and fulfills responsibilities with the highest integrity, ethics, and professionalism
Technical proficiency in POS software (Lightspeed), accounting software (SAGE 50), and payment processing technology
Technologically proficient in basic computer skills, including excel and word
Experience in the food service industry

Assets (recommended, but not required):
Degree, diploma or equivalent in business management or accounting.
Knowledge of product quality and variety, health and safety regulations, storage, and labeling.
Bilingualism (French/English)
Knowledge of, or a certificate for, Hygiene and Food Safety training for managers as defined by the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ).
Familiarity with cooperative and non hierarchical business models
As a student-run co-op, we prioritize candidates enrolled in a minimum of at least 1 class at Concordia University.

Conditions of employment and application:
Position is for 30-35 hours per week, at $16.75-17 per hour (final details to be confirmed with approval of operating budget in late July)

Deadline to apply: Aug 12th, at 5pm
Position start date: Immediately

Please email a cover letter and CV to, with the subject “Finance Administrative Coordinator Application”